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What Parents are saying

Arnav's Dad

Father of Grade 8th Kid

At the begining, we were not sure that whether Arnav would be able to cope up or not. But as the course proceeded he was actually started enjoying the course. His SmartGuru supported a lot.

Ananya's Mom

Mother of Grade 5th Kid

Ananya has developed a sense of fear from one of her class mate that coding is something which is not meant for kids like her. I still remember the day she started crying the moment she reached the home. But after completing one course at SmartGurucool, now she is entirely different kid.

Sana's Mom

Mother of Grade 6th Kid

Best place for building a decent future of kid. All the class notes are given timely on the unique channel. Especially, she loves to earn SmartCoins. It's a greate sense of appreciation for her.

Harshvardhan's Dad

Father of Grade 7th Kid

Harshvardhan is very fond of his SmartGuru. He believes that his SmartGuru is the one who made him a real developer. Now, he knows how to make and publish an Android Application. He really liked his course.

Shanaya's Dad

Father of Grade 6th Kid

At SmartGurucool, learning is so much fun than ever before. The pedagogy is so amazing. I personally feel that kid feels so much comfortable asking doubts. At the end, I just like to say that it was worth learning at SmartGurucool.